PowerQuery invokes a GetFitYall API endpoint, and fun with PowerMap

Is that even possible? Yes and I’m talking about invoking that from within the PowerQuery add-in in Excel 2013, and then mucking around with the data which is represented in JSON. Pretty awesome I would think. To the layman, don’t worry about what’s this JSON thing, it’s all transparent to you, just consume the date. In my… Continue reading PowerQuery invokes a GetFitYall API endpoint, and fun with PowerMap

IoT Descriptive Analysis using PowerBI

Now comes the interesting part which is self-analytics of all the data that I have collected from “the Internet of My Things” (IoMT). As a recap I am currently ingesting activity data points from 2 devices, a Fitbit One and a Samsung S4 running 2 “sensor apps”; Strava and MapMyWalk. But it shouldn’t be limited… Continue reading IoT Descriptive Analysis using PowerBI

Family Funday Sunday

I’m going to jump the gun by just showing a sneak preview of my GetFitY’all activities mashup in the form of a PowerMap! I’ll describe what happens behind the scene in a later post. Meanwhile take a back seat and enjoy watching a PowerMap of my last Family Funday Sunday.  

More about GetFitY’all

Just to describe more of my personal “Internet of my Things” project as a proof-of-concept that the Fitbit is a great telemetry device and its data could be analysed in the cloud. The scenario that I am trying to build to create a great user experience for my users is described below: Goal: To allow Fitbit users to see… Continue reading More about GetFitY’all