More about GetFitY’all

Just to describe more of my personal “Internet of my Things” project as a proof-of-concept that the Fitbit is a great telemetry device and its data could be analysed in the cloud. The scenario that I am trying to build to create a great user experience for my users is described below:

Goal: To allow Fitbit users to see good visualization such as a power
map of where and when their activities occurred.

– Motivation: Let users find out where and when certain activities
occurred. This is especially useful for remembering which activities were pleasurable so much that it recorded the most steps. Then repeat those activities. While the Fitbit device does not record the latitude, longitude data, I could do a mashup of data recorded from an app like Strava by accessing its API.

Workflow is something along the lines of:

  • Create a message pump that retrieves a stream of data points from 2 API source; Fitbit and Strava.
  • Fetch intraday data points up to 1 minute detail for the activities collection. Currently this is not possible yet because I’m still waiting for access to this part of the Fitbit Partner API to be granted. Meanwhile I am using a workaround by Andrew Wilkinson’s python-fitbit libraryUpdate: I had since gotten my Fitbit Partner API access and I’d been ingesting thousands of data points. Small data getting bigger.
  • Fetch a stream of latitude, longitude, time and distance data from Strava API.
  • Message pump sends data points to a cloud-scale telemetry ingestion hub.
  • Use Office 365’s new PowerQuery and PowerMap to merge the data streams from Fitbit activities time series data and Strava activities stream to create a visualization like a map to show where the activities occurred.
  • Publish this on social media to encourage more friends to join in the activities.


GetFitY’all is (I’m making this up as I go)

  • a Fitbit personal fun project that is to help me learn more about the Fitbit API but more importantly in the scheme of Internet of Things (IoT), really  use my Fitbit One as it really is, a special-purpose device that is one of the thousands of items which I own, which is also a smart product that could send a bunch of telemetry data that it already collects into the cloud.
  • Beyond that I also want to test out some IoT patterns which allows me to control the device. While there is limited commands I could issue to my Fitbit one, some of the more useful and obvious commands are setting an alarm, and also changing the timezone as I travel.


  • I will be creating a proxy of a device gateway that is the connection gateway which allows all my special-purpose devices to connect.
  • While the Fitbit One never initiates a connection, I will be creating a client proxy for it as well to test the telemetry, inquiry and command patterns to be truly tested between my device (the thing) and the device gateway.
  • Device gateway will be implemented simply using the Azure Service Bus and the client proxy will be using a wire-level protocol called AMQP. Sounds cool already huh?

Let’s get started!