Using Azure WebJobs as an IoT data points ingestor

My GetFitY’all project has evolved again, obviously. Previously I intended to implement the message pump functionality as a RESTful endpoint that can be called automatically from some form of “cron job” in the cloud. But then I digress because a simpler approach could be used which is Azure WebJobs. It works well in my case… Continue reading Using Azure WebJobs as an IoT data points ingestor

More about GetFitY’all

Just to describe more of my personal “Internet of my Things” project as a proof-of-concept that the Fitbit is a great telemetry device and its data could be analysed in the cloud. The scenario that I am trying to build to create a great user experience for my users is described below: Goal: To allow Fitbit users to see… Continue reading More about GetFitY’all


GetFitY’all is (I’m making this up as I go) a Fitbit personal fun project that is to help me learn more about the Fitbit API but more importantly in the scheme of Internet of Things (IoT), really  use my Fitbit One as it really is, a special-purpose device that is one of the thousands of… Continue reading GetFitY’all