GetFitY’all is (I’m making this up as I go)

  • a Fitbit personal fun project that is to help me learn more about the Fitbit API but more importantly in the scheme of Internet of Things (IoT), really ¬†use my Fitbit One as it really is, a special-purpose device that is one of the thousands of items which I own, which is also a smart product that could send a bunch of telemetry data that it already collects into the cloud.
  • Beyond that I also want to test out some IoT patterns which allows me to control the device. While there is limited commands I could issue to my Fitbit one, some of the more useful and obvious commands are setting an alarm, and also changing the timezone as I travel.


  • I will be creating a proxy of a device gateway that is the connection gateway which allows all my special-purpose devices to connect.
  • While the Fitbit One never initiates a connection, I will be creating a client proxy for it as well to test the telemetry, inquiry and command patterns to be truly tested between my device (the thing) and the device gateway.
  • Device gateway will be implemented simply using the Azure Service Bus and the client proxy will be using a wire-level protocol called AMQP. Sounds cool already huh?

Let’s get started!

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