Scalable Event Hub Processor in an Azure Worker Role

So what happens after all those activity data point messages had been fired off into an Azure Event Hub? Event Hubs enable me to durably store these messages/events until the required retention period expires, which is 24 hours by default. I need to process those messages fast. That sounds like the starting point of big data where […]

Using Azure WebJobs as an IoT data points ingestor

My GetFitY’all project has evolved again, obviously. Previously I intended to implement the message pump functionality as a RESTful endpoint that can be called automatically from some form of “cron job” in the cloud. But then I digress because a simpler approach could be used which is Azure WebJobs. It works well in my case […]

Moving up the Internet of Things Value Chain

Fragmentation == Opportunities I reckon that I don’t need to make an introduction about the Internet of Things because there are enough resources out there to explain what it is and also the opportunities around it. Thus far the market seems highly fragmented as there are a number of players operating within the IoT space […]

GetFitY’all – More about a project on the Internet of Things using Microsoft Azure

More on my Internet of Things project, GetFitY’all. I exposed 2 RESTful endpoints and just to prove that Azure “loves all, serves all”, these endpoints were implemented as a node.js app. In my previous “life” I was considering a few API proxy platforms, so I deployed an API proxy that hosts these endpoints. But then these endpoints […]

Microsoft Azure + Office365 Power BI == Power to the Internet of Things

Here’s a sneak peak of what I got. The end result is the ability to do self-service analytics on my daily activities by doing a data mashup of Fitbit and Strava activity data points. This is not really enterprise-grade, just a fun personal project, but in later posts I will discuss more about making it […]

More about GetFitY’all

Just to describe more of my personal “Internet of my Things” project as a proof-of-concept that the Fitbit is a great telemetry device and its data could be analysed in the cloud. The scenario that I am trying to build to create a great user experience for my users is described below: Goal: To allow Fitbit users to see […]