Intelligent Systems (at your) Service

I was really excited that my application for the Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service (ISS) Limited Public Preview (LPP) had been approved (my apologies for all the 3-letter acronyms which I will be repeating all over my posts from now on). What the ISS LPP entitles me are the following: Access to the ISS service which… Continue reading Intelligent Systems (at your) Service

To waste or not to waste

Since a young age, I had been taught by my mother not to waste, especially precious resources like water, power, food and yes money too (she still thinks that I’m a spendthrift) . I reckon that my mother understood well about the importance of minimizing waste before carbon footprint appeared in our vocabulary. Up to… Continue reading To waste or not to waste

raspberryfai at your service

My apologies for the corny title of this post, but since Fai rhymes with Pi, I couldn’t resist not naming my li’ juice fruit as RaspberryFai. See my SSH session below:   I lost a couple days of precious time in tinkering with my Raspberry Pi (RPi) because I got some internet connection issues but it’s been… Continue reading raspberryfai at your service

Unboxing my Raspberry Pi B+

Like a delighted child upon given some candies, that’s was me yesterday, just better. The day started when I went to the post office for an early collection of a parcel which contains a hand-picked tasting selection composed of three Grands Crus Nespresso, two of which I had not tasted before. I’m more of a morning person these… Continue reading Unboxing my Raspberry Pi B+

The Internet of Things – drawing parallels between the past and now to predict the future

When I was dabbling with the Internet of My Things in my little hobbyist project, GetFitY’all, there were many tell-tale signs that I had experienced this before, like déjà vu. It prompted me to ask questions like what are the differences between the past and now, and could I possibly predict what the future lies for… Continue reading The Internet of Things – drawing parallels between the past and now to predict the future

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IoT is an ecosystem play between partners

As I was alluding in my previous post about my thoughts about moving up the IoT value chain, the opportunities are aplenty in the IoT space because there is a healthy ecosystem of  different players from the device manufacturers, to SI/ISVs who provide the vertical solutions to the platform/infrastructure providers. Ultimately it is an ecosystem play. I’m not… Continue reading IoT is an ecosystem play between partners

PowerQuery invokes a GetFitYall API endpoint, and fun with PowerMap

Is that even possible? Yes and I’m talking about invoking that from within the PowerQuery add-in in Excel 2013, and then mucking around with the data which is represented in JSON. Pretty awesome I would think. To the layman, don’t worry about what’s this JSON thing, it’s all transparent to you, just consume the date. In my… Continue reading PowerQuery invokes a GetFitYall API endpoint, and fun with PowerMap


This API exposes a singular function at the moment which is to do the following: Mashup on demand – Let client apps consume a mash up of fitness activity data points from different target APIs based upon user ID and time period for a specific date. Note: User ID is not implemented right now because my… Continue reading GetFitYall REST API