Unboxing my Raspberry Pi B+

Like a delighted child upon given some candies, that’s was me yesterday, just better. The day started when I went to the post office for an early collection of a parcel which contains a hand-picked tasting selection composed of three Grands Crus Nespresso, two of which I had not tasted before. I’m more of a morning person these days, so this is much appreciated for my early  morning tinkering with Project GetFitY’all.

2014-09-02 07.08.06

Then another pleasant surprise in the afternoon, my Raspberry Pi B+ was delivered. I ordered it from Element 14, a nice reference to silicone in the periodic table. I think this would be a good start to me being a “pastry chef”. I always liken mucking around with technology akin to being a cook. And technical demos are just like a cooking show, my favourite phrase is “and here’s one I prepared earlier…. “. So in this post, I will be using the analogy of being a pastry chef, aptly linked to my new juicy fruit, the Raspberry Pi. 🙂

Here’s the unboxing of my delicious pi, and the pastry ingredients I got were a Raspberry Pi B+ with and 8GB SD card with NOOB, a clearcase, a MEMS Sensors Evaluation board, and a charger.

2014-09-01 16.11.46


The Pi was small, credit-card sized.
2014-09-01 16.11.55

2014-09-01 18.10.51


2014-09-01 18.22.21


Then nicely protected in the clear case.

2014-09-01 18.21.41


More to come at a later post which I’ll boot up NOOB to install Rasbian, enabling XBMC perhaps, and then connecting with the sensor board to start mucking around my project extension.


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