Faister, who dat?

Fai is an experienced product and technical programs manager who has developed a 16-year career and counting through a strong belief in doing the right things the right way. His experience spans across working for a couple of IT system integrator, an Independent Software Vendor, a leading consulting company, one of the largest software company in the world and the most profitable mobile operator in the region. He is passionate about leveraging technology especially good disruptive technology to help enterprises create and sustain successful growth in their business.

His forte is harmonising with many different players in a large software ecosystem that is ultimately about synchronising business and technology, albeit on different roadmap. The only mutual agreement is to innovate and to disrupt the market in a good way that is beneficial to the consumers and customers. For the past 10 years, he had been on a mission; being a strong business and technology advocate, influencing, partnering with enterprises, business partners, developers, IT professionals, faculty and students in believing that technology makes an impact to what they do in their lives and in their businesses.

The initial years of his career was focused on building a strong technical foundation when he was a developer and then he headed a software product development team which developed the company’s flagship product in J2EE.


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